• How can I gain XP and level up?

    Users can gain XP by playing in the game modes. Every game mode has a specific XP modifier, as follows: Wheel of Fortune bets count 100% towards the XP progression. 100.000 BUX played will generate 100.000 XP unless an XP penalty is applied. Roulette bets count 100% towards the XP progression. ...
  • How did the daily rewards and user levels change with XP?

    In late July 2020, we changed our old user levels and daily rewards system to an XP-based progression. All levels and daily rewards have been re-calculated to account for these new changes. Here is a brief rundown of what changed: Base level XP is now 10.000 instead of 50.000. Level advance re...
  • How does the new affiliate/referrals system work?

    In early August 2020, CSGO500 updated the old referral system. Chosen referral codes remain unchanged and everyone can earn 500 BUX by claiming a code again. Additional changes to the system are outlined below: Code reward is now 500 BUX, instead of 1000 BUX. Code owners now receive a % commis...
  • How does the train work? How can I bet on it?

    The train is a donation mechanism, not a betting mechanism. The train fills up with a percentage of all bets placed on the Wheel. Players can also tip the Train individually should they choose to. Everyone who joins the Train receives BUX from it according to our internal algorithm. Please clic...
  • How does the Welcome Package work?

    The new Welcome Package feature is a promotional bonus pack given to new users in order to showcase some of the benefits of our Casino. Contents: 100% BONUS on your first deposit, up to $1000; 50 total FREE SPINS in our participating games: The Dog House (10), Sweet Bonanza (10), Jammin' Jars (...
  • How to get Free Spins?

    Users receive Free Spins for the mini-Wheel as a reward for leveling up. The higher the level, the bigger the amount of Free Spins they receive. Free Spins rewards are doubled during the week-ends, just as the regular free rewards. However, the maximum number of Free Spins you can have at any ...
  • I can't claim social media rewards (VK, Twitter, etc) for following CSGO500

    Sometimes there are some limitations that we run into if a large number of people are trying to claim rewards at once. You should try again later or contact support about it and we'll credit you for the reward.
  • I can't join the Train. What should I do?

    You need to have at least one deposit made in past 30 days in order to access this feature. If you deposited but still can't join the train, please contact Support.
  • When do the Leaderboards reset?

    The Leaderboards reset at the end of each month, at midnight GMT. Winners may take up to 24 hours to be validated and credited.
  • When will the Jackpot break?

    For each roll, there is a fixed chance of triggering the Jackpot, as follows: Wheel of Fortune: Gray: 0.04217% Red: 0.04306% Blue: 0.04385% Gold: 0.14619% Roulette: Each Roll: 0.037%
  • When will the train break?

    After a minimum threshold is reached, the Train can be drawn anytime the Wheel has at least 3 consecutive rolls of the same color (train).
  • Why I can't claim my Daily Reward, claim a referral code or join the train?

    The most common reason why you can't claim any type of reward is because our antifraud system thinks you have multiple CSGO500 accounts. Don't worry, it's a problem easy to solve. Unless you've been registering hundreds of accounts to abuse the system, you can pick an account you want to continu...